Monday, December 29, 2014

The Best of 2014: What did YOU think?

Cinema being the democratic artform that it is, and our own curiosity consuming us, we threw this question out on Twitter, both in general and to specific users known to have an interest in cinema:

"...can you tell us a movie that won't get recognized by the Oscars but that you think everyone should see?"

The first response came from Erin V in Canada, flying her usual support for horror flicks like Dead Snow 2 and The Sacrament, but also sounding off in favor of the moody, moving Irish drama Calvary ("dark and a little slow, but good").

The "world-loving vegan & indie filmmaker" out of Arizona Zanzaboonda chimed in for a number of animated films, though she suspects that Big Hero 6, HTTYD2, The Boxtrolls and Book of Life will all get nominated.

James Garcia threw in an enthusiastic (or at least all-caps) mention of The One I Love.

New York cinephile Will McKinley deemed The Babadook "an amazing film", a sentiment echoed by many of our Twitterfriends who either saw & loved it or are hot to see it themselves. Regular contributor David Robson has also sounded off in The Babadook's favor. But in response to our question he sent a bunch of tweets: "I woulda said Tangerines but for reasons I don't understand it's shortlisted for the Foreign Film Oscar. Someone's shout to to Goodbye to Language; you gotta trek to see it but Godard E X P L O D E S the possibilities of 3D...even if Godard got an Oscar for it he'd probably refuse it."

Miranda Sajdak named the historical drama Belle and the indie feature debut Kelly & Cal as favorites, adding "Unbroken for director. Whiplash for cinematography."

Rohan Morbey, our frequent guest blogger from the UK, pleased us by harking back to earlier in the year to recommend Out of the Furnace, which he called the "closest thing to a 70s era drama I've seen for a while." Still kicking it old school, Rohan further hails A Most Wanted Man as "an essential film of the espionage genre."

And Deiniol Brooks is the last one through with perhaps an appropriately action-packed trio of recs to end things on a bang: Mistaken for Strangers, The Raid 2, and A Walk Among The Tombstones.

As Davey Marlin-Jones used to say, hope you found something to love out there. Here's to greater diversity and non-stop cinematic enjoyment in 2015 - see you there!

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