Friday, October 10, 2014

End of Week Wrapup, Oct 10

This was originally titled "If you're gonna share the universe, SHARE the universe." We've been a bit busy on this end with a number of things (including a startlingly difficult-to-put-together newsletter which is finally on its way out, this week spotlighting the original sci-fi classic The Fly), so we're blanking a bit on what our thesis for this piece might have been.

It was likely seeded by a nifty (and reasonably argued) Slashfilm piece called 9 Current Movie Trends That I Hate. First among these is the new tendency of mainstream tentpole releases to all fold into a shared universe (like the Marvel movies) that seems to be creeping into a number of mainstream franchises. Universal's new monster movie Dracula Untolds will kick off a reboot that, if all goes according to plan, will have all of Universal's monster properties revived and folded into the same storytelling world. Wearying though the notion of All Movies Sharing A Universe may seem, we're waiting to see how it all shakes out before condemning it as a bad idea on Universal's part. Besides, this wouldn't be the first time they did it.


Slashfilm seems irked that Dan Aykroyd wants to see not just a new Ghostbusters movie, but a whole universe of them. The news that Paul Feig has, in fact, committed to his long-promised all-females Ghostbusters reboot hit large this week, and provoked some consternation. Less for its all-female cast (though the Melissa McCarthy backlash apparently continues unabated) than for its position as a complete reboot, set in its own self-contained world in which the original Ghostbusters never happened.

We're not of a mind that Ivan Reitman's film (wonderful and funny as it was) is any kind of sacred text to which heed must be paid. And yet Aykroyd's idea of a world of Ghostbusters movies kind of delights us. Maybe mindful of the increasing presence of Chinese co-production funds in Hollywood (number 5 on Slashfilm's hitlist), we'd kind of love to see a China/HK Ghostbusters movie, if only to see Aykroyd play an extended cameo in a sequel helmed by Johnnie To.

Beyond that we really don't have much of a stake in a new Ghostbusters, though that didn't stop us from responding to a Twitter query from the brave souls at Dark Corners soliciting casting suggestions for Feig's movies; much as we doubt that Asia Argento, Maggie Cheung, Amy Ryan, and CCH Pounder will be cast in the title roles (or Diamanda Galas as the Lich-Queen), it's still a movie we'd see.

We're mainly excited that Halloween is back upon us, and are sorry that we haven't seen quite as many horror movies as we'd like - the Twitter traffic on the hashtag #31DaysofHorror has us awestruck but delighted by the variety of movies being seen. Expect some actual, in-depth horror recommendations here next week!

We can recommend checking out Graveyard Shift Sisters, a fine blog exploring the presence of women of color in horror culture, on screen and off. Yesterday was GSS's first anniversary, and we look forward to many more years of their fine scholarship and enthusiasm. They have our highest recommendation, esp. if you get the joke in the image below.

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