Thursday, September 25, 2014

You want to watch a comedy-drama? A British horror? A gay & lesbian sci-fi movie? We'll help you find it.

Some movies fall into multiple genres; you have your horror comedies, your romantic adventures, etc. Now on Jaman searches for these multiple genre movies have been made much easier. Previously your search for comedy and drama would have given you a list of comedies and dramas mixed together; now your search will send movies that fall under both genres (comedy and drama) to the top of your list.


From the Jaman main page, go to the sliders and click Select Genres:

That will open up your menu of genres to choose from. To make our selection more clear we're going to select a pair of not-often combined genres, namely Comedy and Documentary:

Click on the screen away from the box and presto!, your selection is revealed.

So rather than have comedies and doumentaries, the search now puts movies that are comedies AND documentaries atop your selections. Visible there are movies like Good Hair, a funny but informative doc featuring and presented by Chris Rock; Crumb, a funny (if unsettling) portrait of the underground cartoonist Robert Crumb; and The Muslims are Coming!, a movie that follows a tour of Muslim comedians and explores issues of Islamophobia, the red/blue state divide, and religious stereotypes.

As always, clicking the Select providers tab will let you narrow the focus of your search to the providers you regularly use (like Netflix, Amazon, etc.).

Happy hunting!

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