Friday, April 4, 2014

You Can Search For Movies On Multiple Platforms. At The Same Time. TECHNOLOGY!

So let's say you want to watch something tonight. You have a Netflix account, but occasionally watch stuff on pay-as-you-go platforms like Amazon or Vudu. And/or occasionally watch things for free on Hulu. On Jaman you can search for movies on all of those platforms at the same time.


I open up Jaman. Easy:

It's called up Interview with the Vampire - perfectly decent movie, but not what I want to watch this evening.

I go to the window with the mood sliders there and click More Options, which gives me:

Then I click Select providers, and get:

A list of all nine of the platforms/providers whose movies one can find on Jaman. Nice. I have subscriptions to both Netflix and Fandor (offering me a nice balance of mainstream and independent cinema) - I could select pay-as-you-go places like Amazon or Vudu, but stick to my subscriptions. I click the boxes for Netflix and Fandor and get a random selection of movies available on both channels:

Excellent! But I want to narrow my search even further, and so I click Select genres. A menu comes up and, on a whim, I select Biography:

Click outside the box when finished and Jaman gives me Biography movies available on Fandor & Netflix:

Fine slew of movies there (parenthetically, since I see it here, you gotta see Patience (After Sebald) if you're in the mood for something smart and deep). I refine my search further, thinking "what's a funny Biography?" I go to the mood sliders in the upper left corner, move the one for "funny" to the right, and PRESTO:

I got some fine choices here: Private Parts if I'm feeling crass, American: The Bill Hicks Story if I want funny and political, Confessions of a Dangerous Mind combines subversion and star power, etc. etc. etc.

The applications of this are pretty vast: you can select a single platform/channel (like Netflix, Vudu, Fandor) whether you use it or not, just to see what kind of selection they have; you can match a specific search based on the mood you're in (I want something sad!), the genres you like (horror! sci fi! comedy!), and the platforms you use (IndieFlix!).

But mainly: you can look for movies to watch across multiple platforms/channels at the same time. What's funny is how this both narrows your search to what's immediately useful while at the same time expanding the options before you. Pretty neat, no?

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