Wednesday, April 30, 2014


"At midnight, especially on Walpurgisnacht, the Devil holds picnics in the graveyards and invites the witches; then they dig up fresh corpses, and eat them. Anyone will tell you that."--Angela Carter, The Werewolf

There is a movement afoot - a modest one, to be sure - to turn Walpurgis night into a kind of spring Halloween. Though we've never needed a reason to watch horror movies, we love the prospect of any occasion that'd demand it. With this in mind we took to Twitter with the question:

What's your favorite witch/witchcraft movie?

The response...well, Twitter barely told us anything. Stalwart David Robson, proprietor of the House of Sparrows, immediately jumped in with a curious recommendation for all three movies in Dario Argento's Three Mothers trilogy, including the widely lambasted, decades-late conclusion Mother of Tears. (We're just going to go with Inferno, over here.) But he added Lisa & the Devil, by Argento's countryman Mario Bava, as well (and we'd add that the American edit, House of Exorcism, is a curious beast itself.)

Other than that, though, few were willing to go to bat to help make a Walpurgisnacht horror celebration happen. (An in-house suggestion of childhood favorite Hocus Pocus, though sincere, we felt missed the point of the exercise.) Perhaps the occasion is still too shrouded in mystery & obscurity to really land as an observable holiday. And we suspect that diehard horror buffs will find new things to watch no matter what day it is.

And we hope you find something to enjoy tonight, under the waxing crescent moon...

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