Thursday, February 13, 2014


So you log into your preferred platform for streaming movies, hoping to go into your list to grab something to watch, and they've moved it. Their NEW! titles are up top, blinking in your face, practically demanding WATCH ME!, and they've all but buried your list.

When you log into Jaman, your watchlist will always, ALWAYS be in the upper right corner.


Look, in addition to enabling you to search for movies across a bunch of different platforms (including Netflix, Amazon, Hulu, and others), we're not going to inundate you with hot or sponsored titles. The kind of movie you want to watch, the platform(s) you want to watch it on, and parameters you set are the only guidelines by which Jaman recommends movies.

And we're constantly tweaking our search algorithms to allow for more accurate and deeper searches. If you see something that looks good but wanna save it for later, just click the 'Add to watchlist' button below the movie's poster on its page.

So with Shock there (above) you'd click the 'Add to watchlist' button to put it on your watchlist...

Then later when you're ready for it, go into your Watchlist, click the movie, then click the button on its page. (In this case, Shock is available on Vudu - clicking the button under its Wikipedia & IMDB links will take you to Vudu where you can watch it.

CAVEAT: Movies online will often disappear. As we're hearing more and more about these days, movies will disappear from platforms with almost no warning. (And the providers will deliberately not tell you when titles are going out of window, for whatever reason.) So you may leave a movie in your watchlist for a while and find that, when you click it, there are no buttons to watch it anywhere. So if you click a movie like House of Frankenstein, below, and you see no buttons for Netflix or Vudu or what have you below the Wiki/IMDB links...

...then the movie's out of window, and not watchable on the platforms we cover. You can remove it from your watchlist pretty easily, or keep it there to check on occasionally - movies appear back on line, even after disappearing for a period. Stuff happens.

BUT! though movies come and go from this vast crazy land we call the internet, one thing remains for certain:

...your watchlist on Jaman ain't going NOPLACE.

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