Friday, February 28, 2014

Fixing the Oscars - your comments!

Over on Twitter we've been asking the same question for a while: "What ONE thing, big or small, would you change to fix the Oscars?" And lemme tell you the response...

...well, the response wasn't exactly overwhelming. Perhaps our Twitterfriends are more into fringe cinema, or perhaps there's just a certain amount of recognition that the Oscars are what they are, more about marketing than quality. That said, no one answered to the effect that the Oscars were fine the way they were. Indeed, Rebecca sounded off in response that "They are past relevancy due to their corporatist slant. What is (the) purpose? Only promotion."

Of those who responded, a couple observed that the ceremony was simply too damn long and could bear to be shortened. Lorna Singh suggested "Skip the lame jokes by the host. Just present the awards +info on the films." halfie_67 was even more direct: "Tighten the show...make it 2 hours, just do the awards and eliminate the pablum."

Deiniol sure came out swinging, tired of Oscar-bait: "politically correct rubbish should be banned/minimized to give equal space for indie films. It's too PC and obvious now."

Maybe as an extension of this point-blank assessment (which Deiniol confessed was written while half-asleep) the tech team here at Jaman all agreed on the idea of multiple Best Picture winners. Rather than give the award to one picture, awarding five Best Picture Awards from a list of 35 culled from throughout the year. It would certainly eliminate the rush to release "prestige" pictures in November and maybe open up the field (though it would mean that the shortlisted nominees would basically dominate cinema screens in the weeks before the ceremony).

Intriguing notion from J.A. Miller: "Create an Academy Award for Best Film Trailer. I think they should be recognized."

Robson realizes that he's aiming low, but he insists that he's serious about his notion that the Best Song category should be restricted to songs that only appear during the actual movies they appear in (in other words, songs accompanying closing credits would be ineligible). During an IM chat, he confessed that he wanted this to happen mainly so that the Cure could have performed "Burn" (which he's convinced should have been nominated for The Crow) at the 1995 ceremony.

So we hope you enjoy Sunday's ceremony. Or whatever you wind up watching instead.

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