Monday, December 23, 2013

CHRISTMAS HORRORS! And not just horror.

One of the most fun things about the Halloween season was making the acquaintance of so many horror movie fans over on Twitter. The enthusiasm around horror movies in October was downright infectious, and we didn't want to let that energy abate even as prime horror movie season drifted into the past.

And so, in the spirit of Yuletide bonhomie, we reached out to some of these folks with maybe a perverse question:

Silly or straight, what's your favorite Xmas/holiday movie?

-From the very start, one movie stood as the "winner"; this was an exhibition, not a competition, but everyone - the folks at Afraid of the Dark; podcasters The Midwest Monsters; new friend Jeffrey Hayden - really loves this movie. Black Christmas not only established the template for the slasher genre but remains the gold standard for Christmas-based horror (and, perhaps freakishly, comes from director Bob Clark, who later delivered the equally-beloved but more sincere A Christmas Story.) Frustratingly, at least per the movie's page on the Jaman site, Black Christmas doesn't appear to be on any of the platforms we draw from. Boo!

-The House of Sparrows' proprietor (and occasional cross-poster here) David Robson went a bit more trad in his naming of the 1984 A Christmas Carol, starring George C. Scott; David sez "GC Scott is a perfect Scrooge (tho everyone's pretty great) and Xmas Future is terrifying." (Let us not forget that ghost stories are a Christmas tradition in the UK.) David adds that A Christmas Carol "can be watched with the whole family. Then throw on The Ref when the family finally leaves."

-Kim Kerrang's favorite holiday movie revolves around Thanksgiving rather than Christmas. The nightmarish trip taken by Steve Martin in Planes, Trains, and Automobiles is surely a journey undertaken by many wishing for nothing more than to be home for the holidays, whatever holiday it may be, so it surely counts. ("Although," Kim adds, "Santa's Slay is pretty good ;) ")

-Horror fan Teri B stuck to her guns and named Halloweens 1 and 2 as her favorite holiday movies, dodging Christmas entirely.

-More seasonably, PromoteHorror claims to have seen Home Alone a million times. And they weren't alone in naming Gremlins a 2nd place Christmas favorite...

-And our friends at Classic Horror Movies went classically sincere and voiced their love of Miracle on 34th Street, citing the Dutch-speaking scene as a particular favorite.

-A couple of friends outside the horrorsphere sounded off: the Movie Shrink cited as the favorite any of Die Hard, National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation, and Scrooged. And frequent guest blogger Rohan Morbey also mentioned the latter two films, but further cited the delightful and deep Singin' in the Rain since it plays near him every year.

On this end we're back at the homestead, trying to convince the family of the warm seasonal message buried subtextually within Frankenstein and the Monster from Hell. Regardless of where you are, and whether you're watching something seasonally appropriate or sensationally destructive, we hope you and yours are huddled in front of, if not a warm fire, then at least a good movie. Happy Holidays!

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