Thursday, November 7, 2013

It's like King Kong, but funny!

We've modified one of the site's main features, and we're excited to tell you about it! At the bottom of each movie's page there used to be a number of other similar films, labeled "You Might Also Like." Well, it's still there but we've made it more interactive: you'll now find a tool prompting you to find more movies based on the one you're looking at, and you can adjust the sliders to find something funnier, more serious, etc.


So while poking around the site, King Kong (the 1933 original) was recommended to me. Feeling whimsical, I slid the appropriate slider to find a funnier movie. Among the movies selected were The Mummy's Hand (yes! a classic black-and-white horror film, mixing comedy in with its mythically-inclined horror theatrics), The Iron Giant, and Jurassic Park. Interesting and, to me, acceptable offerings based on the selection.

Based on other recommendations, somehow the site knew that I was one of like three people who actually enjoyed Frank Miller's The Spirit. Knowing full well that many found it frivolous, I slid the slider to find a more serious movie like it. The recommendations included Whiteout, Unbreakable, and Captain America: The First Avenger, all reasonable suggestions that shared The Spirit's roots in comic books but delivering their action with a straighter face. (Also recommended was Joe Carnahan's The A-Team - given that Carnahan rooted his reboot of the 80s action series in contemporary political realities, without sacrificing what made the series fun in the first place, this recommendation was, I thought, perfectly appropriate.)

The update's still a work-in-progress: some of the recommendations come from out of nowhere (some non-comedies appear among the funny movies requested - also, The Mighty Peking Man, the first movie I think of when musing about a funnier Kong, was absent from the site's recommendations). And, using an above example, asking for a funnier movie than Kong yielded some funny movies in the results with no other relation to Kong. But the tool is functional, and we are honing it to yield even more precise results.

Because, weird as it is to say, some days just weren't meant for Godzilla vs. Megalon...

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