Tuesday, October 29, 2013

YOUR Halloween Movie Recommendations

For the past month, we've been talking Halloween Horrors, and asking our venerable Twitter followers what they recommend. Below are their recommendations:

[email protected] says, "Gotta get in at least The Nightmare Before Christmas." We certainly agree; director Henry Selick goes nuts with the world and characters conceived by Tim Burton, creating a movie that is as pleasantly whimsical as it is delightfully creepy. (And if you're getting our newsletter, you know that we're recommending another gem from Henry Selick, the beautiful and brilliant stop-motion animated feature Coraline.)

[email protected] says,"Halloween III, Videodrome, & Don't Look Now" which is a pretty great triple feature, really. Three fine movies with damn little in common, though each has an unforgettable ending.

--Back on a more whimsical front, @jessied44 recommends an "Old 1942 BW film, "I Married A Witch" - Romantic comedy & witchcraft."  This gem, directed by Rene Clair, w/ Fredric March & Veronica Lake,balances silliness with Clair's subtle but strong visual touches.

--‏@jessied44 further says of  The Exorcist: "I had a stiff neck for a week from trying to keep my head from turning. :-)" Having seen the scene mentioned here recently we can only say GAH

(And by the way, much love to all of you who expressed fondness of Exorcist III - it's an undervalued little movie, with a lot of craft and one scene that'll send you out of your chair.)

--Occasional blog contributor @HouseofSparrows (who recently offered a comprehensive walk-through, film by film, of the Halloween movie series, recommending some more than others) continues to swear by the 35mm movie experience, and takes his horror movies, including fare as diverse as Demons and The Bride of Frankenstein, offline and on celluloid.

--Filmmaker Bryan Enk, recently interviewed on this very blog, tells us his main pic via IM: Rob Zombie's Halloween II.

--And the folks at ‏@horrorcritique are too busy watching movies, and offering some fantastic screen caps along the way, to offer a direct recommendation, but they seem to have had a ball with an atmospheric and gore-laden opus from Lucio Fulci, The House By The Cemetery.

Horror cinema is as diverse as any other genre, with offerings from mild kid-friendly spookiness to terrifying plummets into our darkest fears. We hope you find time this Halloween season to either discover a new and scary movie or revel in an old favorite, and we thank those who took the time to share their favorites with us.

And to all, we wish a safe and spooky Halloween. And drive carefully!

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