Friday, August 2, 2013

Why I'm Dying To See The To Do List

(TODAY'S GUEST: Pleased to bring back Laurie Mundy, who would love to tell you her thoughts on The To Do List. If they'd let her see it. Laurie's other writings can be found at Klat, and we encourage you to follow her on Twitter.) 

Dear Hollywood: It's time to step up your game. I realize that you believe showing The Smurfs 2 in no less than three of my local theaters is important to your bottom line, but could someone please get The To Do List here soon? I'm dying to see it for several reasons, not the least of which is this: Finally, in the midst of this summer's testosterone-laden blockbusters, we have a female-centric comedy. One that's written and directed by a woman: Maggie Carey. Hallelujah.

Why the slow roll out of The To Do List? That's my question right now. The only thing I can figure is this: Maybe the Powers that Be in the industry think we female movie goers nationwide are simply too prudish to turn out in droves to see a raunchy teen sex comedy - even one that flips the coin on gender roles to some extent. So this weekend, instead of shelling out my hard-earned cash to check out The To Do List, I'm relegated to choosing between animated family films (Smurfs 2), big-budget shoot-em-up movies (2 Guns) and a midnight showing of Sharknado. Pass, pass and definitely pass.

Honestly, this summer's blockbusters aren't giving me what I want out of my movies. I'm worn out from watching super heroes, robots, monsters and stoners. My favorite movie of the season is actually another female comedy: The Heat. And let's take a good look at what happened with that film, shall we? The Heat, a female buddy comedy starring Melissa McCarthy and Sandra Bullock, had a production budget of $43 million. To date, the movie has earned nearly $144 million domestically. As Bullock says, "The Heat shows that women can do R-rated comedy."

Not long ago, I lamented what I thought was a pretty crappy summer blockbuster movie season, one which may (or may not) ultimately lead to an implosion of the entire industry. While crazy high budgets and crazy bad movies are the biggest issue, I also believe that the movie industry is completely out of touch.

I have my ticket money in my hand, Hollywood. It's yours for the taking. All you have to do is stop flooding my cineplex with forgettable, male-centric buddy schlock and get me what I desire: A witty, raunchy movie about a young woman exploring her sexuality without shame. For now, I'm staying home, waiting (impatiently).

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