Tuesday, July 2, 2013

An American Almodovar?

You make the darnedest discoveries on the site. (That's what it's for, of course.) Even (especially?) in our capacity as maintainers of the site, we come across, every so often, a movie that we’d never heard of that suddenly threatens to obsess us.

Raised eyebrows all around at Elektra Luxx, which at a glance appears to be a wacky (and probably cheap) sex comedy. And yet a hesitant click of the trailer finds it a surprisingly star-studded affair, with the wonderful Carla Gugino in the title role, an adult film actress clearly not ready for everything heralded by her new pregnancy.

Sebastien Gutierrez is the writer director behind this (and prequel Women in Trouble). He has some serious B-movie bona-fides, including the script to Snakes on a Plane and the remake She-Creature. Gutierrez seems to be turning this downright Cormanesque CV into some serious auteurist cache; I’m delighted to accept the claim made by at least one open-minded reviewer that Gutierrez is some kind of American Almodovar; you have to look to the American indie sector to find movies with Almodovar-level lustiness, sass, and femme-friendliness, all of which Gutierrez' films seem to possess in spades. That his list of regular collaborators includes such diversity of talent (A- and B-list) suggest an actor’s filmmaker.

Gutierrez should be a household name by now. But even if Elektra Luxx is still a bit too wild (or too adult, in numerous ways) for the American multiplex, it reflects the strengths of indie filmmaking, and is exactly the kind of movie we're happy to see you connect with, here on Jaman.

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