Thursday, April 4, 2013

Roger Ebert

The news of Roger Ebert's passing, after a long battle with cancer, is just devastating. As is being pointed out, in addition to being one of few film critics to win a Pulitzer Prize, he's also one of few film critics to enjoy his particular kind of name recognition. Cinema has lost one of its great voices today.

Even the loss of his jaw didn't stop him from being a passionate voice for cinema in many of its forms. Even if you didn't agree with his reviews they were smart enough that they made you define (or redefine) your own thoughts of the movie in question.

Personal note: Childhood viewings of Sneak Previews helped shape and hone my own cinephilia, and I honestly doubt I'd be the man I am today without Ebert's formative influence.

Thanks, Roger. G'night.

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