Friday, July 22, 2011


Proud geeks though we are, we've never actually made the trek to San Diego for Comic-Con, the largest comics convention on the planet. The Con, as you're likely aware, is in full swing, and though it's become more of a media convention (one comics retailer near us has simply stopped going, as there's nothing for him there any more), that hasn't stopped fans from all over the globe from attending.

Indeed, the thing generates so much buzz that keeping track of the different announcements and promotions from the con (as well as the constant stream of updates from friends in attendance) is nearly as stressful as being at the con itself. Which isn't to say there's NOT some welcome stuff in there; we're glad that the trailer for Steven Soderbergh's Haywire has finally escaped. And we're getting kinda hot for the forthcoming Tintin movie (reservations notwithstanding). We've got friends premiering work at the Con, too: check out the trailer for the ShelfLife series from voice actor/rocketman Yuri Lowenthal & crew; and goodbuddy Mike Kennedy is taking on the publishing and virtual worlds with his BLEEDOUT project, available both in webisodes and in the handsomest damn hardcover graphic novel I've read in quite some time.

But we're forgoing the bustle of the actual con (as is comics artist Frazer Irving, who, hilariously, is keeping his twitter followers apprised of all the breaking news from FrazeCon 2011, happening in his apartment even as I write this) to kick back at Jaman Central. Actually, we're going to split shortly for ROAD TO NOWHERE, the latest film from US indie grand master Monte Hellman.

If you, too, are keeping your distance but longing for a dose of genre entertainment, the wild and wonderful trailers of Destination Outer Space are JUST the ticket.

Destination Outer Space

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