Tuesday, April 26, 2011


A team of student filmmakers travels to the Norwegian countryside to film a documentary on bear hunting. Not long into the process they discover the presence of straight-out-of-folklore-but-very-very real trolls, as well as a weary, beleaguered ex-civil servant charged with hunting and containing the creatures.

The trailer for this film is the most viewed clip on iTunes in recent months, and now The Troll Hunter, THE Norwegian cultural event of 2010, is rolling into cinemas around the world. Having seen a screening at the San Francisco International Film Festival last night, I’m pleased to report that the film more than lives up to the insanity of the trailer. But the cast play the thing beautifully straight, committing seriously to the film’s premise. So the film winds up being both just as crazy and a lot more keenly felt than the trailer might have one believe, leaving the film with a refreshing humanity amid the troll-related carnage. Earnestly recommended.

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