Tuesday, February 22, 2011

The Inexorable Passage of Time

Sometimes the turning of the gears of history is subtle. Other times they spin so fast you get dizzy just looking at them. Even as the people of Egypt are facing real questions about the future they fought for and won, the people of Libya are encountering violent opposition in the second month of their protests against the reign of Muammar al-Gaddafi. (Gaddafi himself didn't make things any easier with his downright surreal address earlier this morning.) We're keeping in touch with friends of friends in Christchurch, New Zealand, whose lives were rocked in a different way by a 6.3 aftershock from last year's earthquake. Closer to Jaman HQ, our eyes are on Wisconsin, where 14 Democratic state senators have fled to Illinois to delay a vote that would remove the right to collective bargaining from many of Wisconsin's union members. (Moveon is already calling for a day of solidarity in front of statehouses across the country this Saturday.)

A very difficult time, with much to process. And while we at Jaman will be the last to encourage total disengagement from the world around you, we certainly know the feeling of wanting to escape the tumultuous, ever-changing world for a while with a quiet viewing of, say, Horror Hotel. What the hell, we'll join you - it's been a tough day (rest in peace, Dwayne McDuffie).

Meanwhile, a sort of prayer for everyone on the front lines today.

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