Wednesday, December 15, 2010


With the holidays upon us, the thoughts of even the most Grinch-like among us turn to much-needed rest and relaxation. Some non-denominational folks, unwilling for whatever reason to observe the more religiously-themed holidays of the season, have latched upon Festivus, a fictional holiday introduced in the long-running TV sitcom Seinfeld.

Though celebrated in its original form on December 23, Festivus ("for the rest of us!") has been observed a number of different ways on various dates. A friend of your blogger has cordoned off January 1st to observe a Festivus-for-one, planning to cook a couple of new dishes, play some video games, and, most crucially for our purposes, see a couple of movies that have been waiting patiently in his queue.

At Jaman we are all over this idea, and in the spirit of Festivus giving (...yes), offer up a couple of classic films at no charge. As we've stated previously, The Third Man is a film that everyone should see, but we'd also add Alfred Hitchcock's black-and-white classic The 39 Steps to the must-see list. Both movies are classic yarns, easily enjoyed on a cold dark Festivus night with warm beverage in hand.

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