Monday, October 25, 2010


Yes, if you love horror films the run-up to Halloween is like cinema nirvana. If you don't like horror films, this'd be a great time to get that operation you've been putting off.

We at Jaman can't get enough of horror films even when it's NOT October. The horror genre is ideal for independent filmmakers, because horror films are a) fun to make, b) rife with subtext (I'd say it's easier to make a horror film that is about greater themes than a romantic comedy), and c) possessed of immediate, eye-catching viscera that makes even a low-budget, made-by-unknowns film an eye-catching proposition. Even the worst indie horror films have an infectious, never-say-die spirit that makes for fun viewing. And every so often a movie comes out of left field that is genuinely terrifying.

So regardless where you're logging in from, or how committed your country is to celebrating Halloween, you'll be seeing some of our favorite horror films up on your Jaman home page, from undisputed classics like Night of the Living Dead, featuring this guy here... international horrors such as Evil or Hell's Ground, or the truly insane Japanese entries such as Meatball Machine or Strange Circus.

Strange Circus

There's an abundance of Halloween-related talking happening over in our Forums, so be sure to stop by there, pick up a recommendation or two, drop a recommendation of your own, or just hang out.

Happy Halloween!

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