Monday, July 19, 2010


Sometimes you just gotta indulge in love for a talented character actor, so we'd like to call your attention to Jeff Fahey, an actor for whom we have all the time in the world. Fahey may be best known as Capt. Frank Lapidus, introduced halfway thru the popular television series LOST (a role tailored for Fahey personally), but we'll remember him better for his tireless work in contemporary grindhouse fare. Indeed, he figures prominently and is damn charming in Planet Terror, Robert Rodriguez' half of the Grindhouse omnibus. (And we could not be more pleased to see that Fahey will play a prominent role in Machete, a forthcoming feature spun from a Grindhouse trailer.)

Jaman viewers around the world can enjoy Fahey's work in the erotic sci-fi thriller Virtual Seduction, while US-based Lost-fans might be pleased to see Fahey alongside fellow Lost-alum Josh Holloway in the more earthbound erotic thriller Cold Heart.

Cold Heart

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