Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Summer drive-by

Insulated as we are here in San Francisco we're occasionally slow to latch onto the fact that it's summer. But enough consecutive warm(ish) days and a specific trigger (in your blogger's case, the scent rising from the concrete of water from a hose) do put one in a summery frame of mind...

We'd be interested to know what you all are watching (either on Jaman or elsewhere). Sometimes our fancy turns to comfort movies - at least one person in this office enjoys kicking back on July 4th to John Wayne movies, preferably Stagecoach-era, but any of them will do.

Some might want to hideout from the multiplex and try something new - to placate this urge (and to offer a nice parallel to the shifting seasons), how about Shifted, the indie tale of a downsized corporate stooge who finds his old life haunting him even as he embraces new values?


On the other hand, just 'cause we don't have the Twilight movies on the site doesn't mean you can't give us your thoughts on Eclipse over in our Forums.

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