Friday, June 4, 2010

Suddenly Sinatra: Ol' Blue Eyes hits Jaman

Our friends in the United States will find, freshly added to the site, the six part documentary series Frank Sinatra: They Were Very Good Years. The series is surprisingly comprehensive, covering his very early years as the hit of the bobby soxers through his various Hollywood phases, up to his final recordings. The final chapter covers his 1998 memorial, and is packed with testimony and anecdotes from friends and collaborators.

Jaman users around the world, however, can enjoy at no charge Suddenly, a politically-dated but still thrilling drama made in the mid-50s. Sinatra offers an offbeat and performance as a would-be political assassin, and the film is a powerful reminder of his solid gift for dramatic acting. I'm still waiting for a quality re-release of The First Deadly Sin, but until that time comes I'm happy to enjoy Suddenly with you.

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