Monday, May 24, 2010

the cast of LOST can be found on Jaman

TV's flashback/flashforward fantasy LOST concluded its six-season run on ABC last night, creating a superabundance of water-cooler chat that may well cripple workplace productivity today.

Conversation about the landmark episode isn't quite so lively over here (it seems as many of us saw last night's remarkable bottle episode of Breaking Bad), but we know what it's like to see a favorite show come to an end after a good long run. While waiting to see where the cast and crew of LOST wind up, you can see some of the cast in their earlier, indie film work right here on Jaman.

Naveen Andrews, who of course played the conflicted Iraqi torturer Sayid Jarrah, figures in one of the weirder double features on Jaman, playing a scientist with a VERY peculiar collection in Planet Terror and then a kindly photographer pursued by a lovelorn young woman in the indie romance Easy:


And Josh Holloway, who rose to prominence as LOST's resident badboy James "Sawyer" Ford, plays yet another sultry malcontent in the erotically-charged thriller Cold Heart:

Cold Heart

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