Monday, April 5, 2010


If you want to make a Shirley Temple, all you have to do is splash some grenadine into a glass of ginger ale. With 1.25 ounces of vodka - basically if you put a shot of vodka into your Shirley Temple - you get a Temptress. Which in this context is too wrong to even think about.

But a certain amount of what contemporary eyes would regard as some particularly outre weirdness figured in much of child star Shirley Temple's career, and now that Jaman offers five selections from The Shirley Temple Collection you can examine the evidence for yourself. Not sure why in the 30s people thought it appropriate to cast the budding starlet as either a nightclub entertainer or a high-class escort, but look at the films and make your own conclusions (and speculate what explanations the adult and occasionally moralizing Shirley Temple Black would offer for some of the more scandalous films of her early career).

Kidding aside, the insanely talented (and very, very cheerful) starlet Temple had a remarkable range as a performer, and came by her praises honestly. Her finest feature, The Little Princess, offers a Technicolor showcase of her dramatic abilities, and is also available here.

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