Friday, April 9, 2010

Take it low and slow, with La Mission

Oh hell yeah - La Mission, a marvelous shot-and-set-in-San-Francisco indie, after making the rounds of film festivals last year, is finally getting a wider release. The realistic and moving story of Che Rivera (Benjamin Bratt, never better), a working-class ex-con whose values are shaken when he's confronted with his son's secrets, La Mission is a labor of love by writer-director Peter Bratt. With many residents of San Francisco's Mission district working on and off-camera, La Mission is both a compelling story of a fragile man's search for redemption and a moving portrait of a San Francisco rarely seen.

La Mission was one of this blogger's favorite films of last year, and it finally enters wider release today in California and New York. The release schedule of the film has it playing in a growing number of theatres around the country - consider it highly recommended!

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